Become a Certified Teeth Whitening Specialist

AND get a  FREE  at home whitening kit when you enroll TODAY! ( while supplies last!) 

Once your clients see your results, they'll be lining
up to try their own at home kit! 

Become a Certified Teeth Whitening Specialist

AND get a  FREE  at home whitening kit when you enroll TODAY! ( while supplies last!) 

Once your clients see your results, they'll be lining
up to try their own at home kit! 


ONLY $197 


ONLY $197 

Earn What You Are Really Worth!

Offer in studio whitening services or sell at Home Kits and make money now! 

your Earning Potential

your Earning Potential

What could you earn per month, just by posting selfies of your new white teeth to your Instagram page??? 

After completing this course, you will be a Sunnasmile Certified Teeth Whitening Specialist

Ready to become a teeth whitening "influencer" and earn some extra cash this month?

It's as easy as 1-2-3!

 STEP 1: Post photos of your new teeth whitening kit, selfies using the LED-activated teeth-whitening system, and photos of your pearly whites.

 STEP 2: Even if you only have 10 friends or followers, EVERYONE wants a Hollywood smile! In fact, 99.7% of people believe that a perfect smile is the most important social asset to have (according to the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry).

 STEP 3: Once your friends, followers, and clients see your results, they'll be lining up to try their own at-home kit, and you'll make $71 commission from each sale!

 STEP 4: Purchase your In Studio Professional Light and offer In Studio Teeth Whitening to your clients as well! 

Check out our teeth whitening influencers

Leanna H.
Meghan C.
Samantha K.
Taylor B.
Taylor S.
Katie C.
Nalie A.
V. N.

Have you been looking for a way to earn extra income?

Fixe Beauty is so excited to present Online Teeth Whitening Specialist Training! 

But wait, you're probably wondering, ok, but how does this help me to earn money NOW? 

Sit tight and I will explain! It's brilliant, exciting, and the investment to start is less than $200 USD! 

Here's how it all works. 

Purchase your online Teeth Whitening Certification Course for only $197. 

You will get a FREE at home whitening kit and can start selling the at home whitening kits right away to your clients. Once your clients see your results with your light they will be begging to purchase one for themselves! 

This is a product you sell to them and they can whiten their teeth from the comfort of their own home. 

You purchase the kits at an exclusive wholesale price of only $68 and you retail to your clients at $139. That's $71 profit in your pocket with each sale! 

And the best part, you do not have to carry stock!

THEN, once you open your salon again, you have the option of purchasing the In Studio Professional Light and you can offer In studio Teeth Whitening to your clients!

Earn money now, and build a skill and service for later! 

SunnaSmile has an incredible drop shipping program which means that when a client orders from you, you login to your exclusive specialist portal, enter your clients information, and they will ship the product directly to your client! No shipping, no inventory risk, nothing! I can't wait for you to get IN on this!

Earn What You Are Really Worth!


 You will have access to exclusive wholesale pricing to retail to all of your clients. You pay $68, you retail it for $139, so you make $71 off of each sale and you never have to leave your home.

 Dropshipping! No need to carry inventory or invest in stock! Clients place the order with you, and we will ship right to their door!

 Offer your clients incredible value and earn an income while you're at home.

The teeth whitening Certification Course is an 100% online!

What you will learn in this course:  

 How and Why Teeth Whitening Works

 The science behind the products

 How to use SunnaSmile professional and retail products. When & how to recommend them. 

 The complete SunnaSmile process designed specifically for beauty professionals.

 How to integrate SunnaSmile into your beauty business

 How to make money 💰right now without seeing clients in person & no up-front investment.


Exclusive Access To Purchase Sunnasmile Mobile Or In Studio Professional Light At Exclusive Pro Pricing When You Are Ready To Open The Doors To Your Business Again And Start Treating Clients In Your Salon/home Studio!

At Fixe Beauty, our relationship doesn't end when the course is over. It's actually just begun.

Here's what comes with your course!

Our Curriculum will not only give you the skills to be the BEST in the industry,  we will teach you how to fill your calendar, and set your prices so you can earn what you are really worth!
Sunnasmile Online Training And Certification Program For Free
Sunnasmile 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
Unlimited Access To Support, Ongoing Training & Marketing Resources Via Our Exclusive Sunnasmile Portal.
Your Sunnasmile Product Expert Certification
FREE At-Home Whitening Kit ($139 Value) 

Why Teeth Whitening with SunnaSmile?

SunnaSmile was made for the beauty professional in mind.

After experiencing painful treatments & unregulated ingredients in most teeth whitening products on the market; SunnaSmile creator, Shannelle Gellert, founded a natural, sensitivity-free & enamel-safe product that brightens teeth 2-8 shades in only 20 minutes!

SunnaSmile is beautifully branded, simple, effective & safe. SunnaSmile products are proudly made in a Canadian Government regulated facility and is a registered natural health product. SunnaSmile is also proud to be women owned & operated.

We'd love for you to join the over 1000 women across North America that have increased the profitability of their business with this turn key service & product line.  
SunnaSmile creator, Shannelle Gellert.


ONLY $197 


ONLY $197 

AND get your FREE at home whitening kit 
**offer ends soon**

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