Our graduates are earning up to $15,000/month working their own schedule.

Start your new career TODAY, from the comfort of your own home, all at your own pace,
with our Online Lash Academy.


Join me in this webinar as I show you how the course works, 
what the inside of it looks like, and I explain the 
5 Reasons Why  NOW is the best time to get Lash Pro Certified



Disclaimer: Income results can vary based on effort, time, and commitment to your new career. Licensing and regulations vary from each state/province and it is up to the individual to research regulations in his/her area

Our graduates are earning up to $15,000/month working their own schedule.

Start your new career TODAY, from the comfort of your own home, all at your own pace,
with our Online Lash Academy.


Special Offer: Enroll today for only $997 $197 and claim your FREE lash Starter kit before they SELL out! 



The Mini Classic Starter Kit comes with our favourite Fixe products. 

It has everything that you need to get you through your first 5-10 lash sets and through your exam to receive your certificate.  
It has a retail value of $150.

The kit includes:
  • Mixed Tray Premium Cashmere Pro Lashes
  • ​Fixated Professional Lash Adhesive
  • ​5 Undereye Gel Pads
  • Tweezers
  • Jade Stone
  • ​Mascara wands

Thank you for stopping by and seeing what FIXE is all about! 
My name is Jessi, and I created this program because I believe that our world will change when more money is put into the hands of women.

I'm going to cut right to the chase here. 

I want to empower you to change your life.

Becoming a Lash Artist was the greatest gift of my life, and the lives of so many of my students.

Fixe Beauty is now the fastest growing (and friendliest) eyelash extension training company world wide. 

I am offering you the opportunity to become Certified Lash Pro through our online training certification program.

You could be starting your new career in a few short days.

You could be earning back the tuition investment after your first few days in business.

I am offering a limited number of certifications in each city.

Is this YOUR TIME to change?

I believe in you!

Earn What You Are Really Worth!


Why take the Online Virtual Lash Pro Certification?

  • This is a 14-module online training program, which gives you a certificate upon completion in Classic Lashing.
  • ​It's safe to learn at home
  • ​You have the time now to look towards the future
  • ​You can learn at your own pace: pause, rewind, rewatch, repeat
  • ​Take the course at home: on your phone, iPad, laptop, or computer
  • ​You can start immediately upon registration!

How long does it take to complete the course?

This Curriculum is taken directly from our fully Accredited 2 Day in Class Training. 
​Some students take 2 days and some take a month or so. 
The choice is entirely yours and it just depends on your schedule and how much time you apply to the course

Can I take my Volume Training too? 

Yes! And after you enrol in your Classic Training you will receive a special One Time Offer to purchase your volume training for only $177 (regular $697) 

What comes in my FREE Starter kit

The Free Classic MINI starter kit has $150 of our Premium Fixe Beauty Products and everything you need to get you through your exam. 

Does this Certificate work where I live?

Every state and province has their own unique set of rules and regulations and it is up to you to do your research to see what is required in your local area. 
The benefit of this low price, is that for states that require a cosmetology or aesthetician license to do lashes, a lot of students take this course at this low price to help them decide if investing further into a cosmetology license is something they are interested in doing and enjoy.

Are you ready to get lash pro certified? 

Tuition is now less than $200!


Feel Confident To Start Your Eyelash Extension Business

Tuition is now less than $200!

Is this course for you? 

This Course is for People who...

  • Are ready for a change
  • ​Desire to live life on your terms
  • ​​Have a passion for helping women feel more beautiful
  • ​Want to create their own schedules, and have more time for family, friends and fun
  • ​Want to work from home (or a beauty salon)

Why Eyelash Extensions? 
Why This Opportunity?

  • Because Eyelash Extensions are the FASTEST growing industry in the country
  • ​Because we are North America’s Premier Training Academy
  • ​Because you can take this certificate and work anywhere you want! Home or salons worldwide
  • ​Because nowhere else can you take a course and start your new career the very next day!
  • ​Because you will join a community of other amazing women, who are here to support your success

The Benefits Of Online Certification:

  • You can do the training when it suits your schedule
  • ​You don't need to pay for travel costs to attend in another city
  • ​You can "binge" on the training videos on a weekend or evenings (so not to interfere with your existing schedule, kids, or life)
  • ​You can work at your own pace
  • ​You can watch the lessons over and over again to gain confidence in the techniques
  • ​You can watch from your mobile device, tablet, or computer

Tuition is now less than $200!

Welcome to Fixe Beauty!

We set the bar in our industry for producing the most creative and confident students. You will leave this course feeling proud, confident, and ready to lash!

And the best part? We promise to be with you every step of the way as your venture into your new career!

The Fixe Beauty Classic Certificate Course is an online video training course. 

We focus on Classic Eyelash Extension techniques (one extension applied to one natural eyelash) and we also teach you the basics to Volume Lashing techniques to give you a kick start on your next step.

The curriculum is designed to challenge, inspire, and instil confidence in you as you enter the exciting and evolving world of Eyelash Extensions.

You will leave the course feeling confident and ecstatic to start your eyelash extension business!

Here's what comes with your course!

Our Curriculum will not only give you the skills  to be the BEST in the industry,  we will teach you how to set up your space, fill your calendar, and set your prices so you can earn what you are really worth!

Comprehensive Training

Unlimited Ongoing Support

Professional Techniques

Company Setup

Alumni Discounts

Business Development

At Fixe Beauty, our relationship doesn't end when the course is over. It's actually just begun.

At Fixe Beauty, our relationship doesn't end when the course is over. It's actually just begun.

Upon registration, you will join our online community of Lash Bosses! We have a private VIP Alumni group, where you will continue to receive support as you enter into the world of lash extensions.

You think that's good? Wait! It Gets Better!

Sign up RIGHT NOW and Pay only $997 $197  Save $800  
Limited time offer only

START YOUR NEW CAREER TODAY FOR ONLY $197 - That's less than the cost of a coffee a day! This includes the entire online training academy, videos, and even online exams. Your new career is at your fingertips .

Don't just take our word for it!

Check out what our incredible students have to say!

Fixe Beauty is the best place to come to for your lash extension education.
"The instructors are patient, diligent, knowledgeable, thorough and FUN!

Their attention to detail will give you all the confidence you need to go out and be part of the best industry. One of the best gifts I could've ever given myself!"
Trina Trapp Calgary, AB
This program is amazing!
"My instructor trained me in the Classic and Volume courses. She was so patient, knowledgeable and great at explaining all the different techniques. 
With Fixe Beauty you get so much more than a career or side business... you get an entire lash family who are so supportive and available for any questions or issues you may have! I'm very thankful to have taken this course and just watching how far my lashing business has grown and how far my skills have come in just a few short months, it really is amazing!"
Cori-Lynn Haskel Calgary, AB
I loved learning through Fixe Beauty! 
"The course was very informative and professionally executed. And they have great beauty products too! I would ONLY recommend Fixe Beauty if you are thinking of getting your lash tech certification. Do not go to anyone else!"
Emma-Lei Boutet Invermere, BC
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